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What is water fed pole window cleaning?

All  tap water contains dissolved solids. On the south coast, these are at a concentration of around 280 parts per million. Itís these solids that leave spots on your car if you dont chamois it off after washing it and form the scale in your kettle, boiler etc.  We take normal tap water force it under pressure through a series of filters that remove 100% of these solids, leaving behind perfectly pure water.
We carry this pure water in a tank in our vans and this is pumped up the pole and out of specially designed jets built into the brush head. The dirt on your windows (glass, frames and sills) is agitated by the brush and is dissolved into the pure water, the final rinse stage washes this all away .
The windows are then left to dry naturally to a spot free finish with no need for harsh chemicals.

My windows have been left wet. Is this normal?

Yes, but don`t worry. The water that we use has been purified and all dissolved solids removed. Impurities within tap water is what would normally cause streaking, so provided all the dirt is removed from the window it will dry perfectly clear.

I`m not convinced. Is there a guarantee?

Yes. Firstly we do not ask our customers to pay for their windows until they are completely satisfied. If the windows have dried and you are not satisfied with the result, we will re-clean your windows free of charge, provided you have contacted us within 48 hours of our visit.

How can I pay?

Each time we clean, if you are not in or donít have cash available to pay there and then we will post an addressed envelope through your door so you can send a cheque. This envelope will also have our bank details on so you can pay using online banking. If you take this option please use your road name and number as the reference  so we can track your payments.

Prepayment - We are happy for you to prepay in advance to save having to sort payments each time, 10% discount applies if you pay for six cleans or more in advance .

Standing order- Ask for details but very easy to set up.

What happens if you damage my property?

We have public liability insurance to cover any damage. However we are very careful and have never had to claim on this insurance.


water fed pole cleaning
Water fed pole window cleaning service Southampton


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Ishine Window cleaning based in Hedge End Southampton with a branch in Southborne Bournemouth provide a high quality residential window cleaning service in Hampshire and Dorset and cover many locations including Eastleigh, Bitterne, Chandlers Ford, Botley, Chilworth, Fair Oak, Park Gate, Boscombe, Winton, Pokesdown, Westbourne, Kinson and Christchurch. We can also clean your conservatory roof when requested and we also do commercial work for shops, schools, hotels, restaurants, local authorities, nursing homes, colleges, office buildings and other commercial and industrial establishments.